Infinite Computing

Computes is a secure decentralized peer-to-peer mesh computing platform perfect for AI, IoT, and AR/VR.

Millions of CPUs & GPUs are idle within your organization.

Computes harnesses these wasted resources (desktops, servers, & VMs) to activate your new software-defined quantum supercomputer without requiring additional infrastructure.

Machine Learning

Run serial and parallel machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms on large datasets within your infrastructure using idle or special-built machines.

Scientific Research

Use Computes to collect and analyze large datasets as massively parallel computations, without the need of traditional supercomputer access.

Internet of Things

Enable IoT devices to connect, communicate, and compute together as a single mesh computer on edge networks. No new infrastructure required.

Ambient Computing

As you walk into a room, machines will acknowledge your presence and offer to collaboratively compute with your personal devices.

Computes for Business

Made for business

Our peer-to-peer mesh computing platform enables companies to utilize their existing infrastructure for more computing power instead of spending more money on cloud providers. Computes also empowers your organization to run AI algorithms on realtime data where your data resides or originates rather than moving your data to the cloud.

and the greater good.

Our "Cores for Cures" program enables non-profit organizations to get access to unprecedented computing power. For example, the University of Wisconsin is using Computes to identify patients with early onset of Parkinson disease. More info...

Computes for non-profit

Millions of computers, one machine
Computes nanocore technology runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux (x86, ARM, and PowerPC) as well as VMWare, XenServer, and KVM hypervisors located across edge networks, data centers, and even cloud instances. Our nanocores create a decentralized software-defined secure mesh network allowing nodes to swam, connect, communicate, and compute together to securely distribute computations using our decentralized work queue (Lattice).

Infinite computing illustration

Infinite Computing

Any computer, server, or micro-computer can join and participate in a private mesh computing cluster. Computes can be mixed and matched across cloud providers, private clouds, hybrid clouds, and edge computing networks, as well as datacenter servers, workstations, mobile devices, and IoT devices.

Blockless ledger data model

Decentralized Queue

Our decentralized work queue, Lattice, is built on top of our DAG-based blockless ledger technology. Our transactional throughput is significantly faster than similar decentralized data structures, with no wasted proof of work, while remaining completely autonomous and resilient.

Any device anywhere

Any device. Anywhere.

Computes cores run on any cloud, any operating system, and any processor (x86, ARM, & PowerPC). "Things" organically connect to public or private mesh networks to form a single mesh computer and assist each other with machine learning or other computations. Computes can be deployed on edge networks with little or no additional infrastructure.

Brain illustration

Perfect for AI, IoT, & AR/VR

The scale of tomorrow’s computing demands (AI, IoT, & AR/VR) will necessitate a change in how we interact with computers. Computes is capable of performing serial-based machine learning algorithms as well as massively parallel supercomputing tasks even on edge networks where machine data lives or is generated.

Computes Technical Whitepapers

Computes Mesh Computer: "Computing for the Masses" whitepaper


Computes Lattice: "A Decentralized, Distributed Queue and Datastore" whitepaper


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